Happy Birthday to My Best Friend🎉❤️🎈

Today is my best friends/ hubby/ baby daddy’s birthday! & well it is only appropriate that I get a little sappy after all he is my other half ❤️

So here it goes,

26 years ago god planted an angle on this earth and then blessed us with each other❤️

 Each day our bound grows stronger and strong as well as our family. Even though I love him everyday he totally deserves a BIG birthday shout out, and and to be spoiled endlessly… and as he would say even though it’a his DAY, He would say that it is mine. He always put Oliver, Teddy, and I before himself, and he works his butt off to make sure we wake up happy everyday. He is a true inspiration and I know he will be the perfect role model for our son. Even though we are getting older this is where the exciting part of life begins 🙈

Happy birthday Mason may today be filled with drinks, donuts, money, love and happiness


Always and forever your peanut 



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